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Hurry Disney Diamond Days Sweepstakes Ends Soon

Disneyland, the original theme park created by Walt Disney and his crew or dream makers, has been celebrating their 60th year of entertaining children and old children with the magic that only Disney and his host of characters can provide. A big part of the celebration is an extravagant give away of Disney stiff of all kinds. You have to hurry to enter because the sweepstakes ends on September 9, 2016.

Disney has gone  to make this year the most exciting and special show that the park has ever put on. The sweepstakes is just a way to say thank you to the millions of Disney fans that made Walt’s little idea an international phenomenon. The idea is to make every kid’s dream come true.

The entire crew at Disney has made a special effort to make the rides, attractions, evening shows, fireworks, and the fun the best that it has ever been. The celebration is as much about the park as it is about the genius that created something that every kid in the world loves.

What You Can Win

Every Day

You can get a special tour of the park that shows off some of the details that few get to see. You also get a prime spot to view all of the evening shows and fireworks, a free dinner at your choice of theme restaurants, and you get to go to the head of the line at the most popular attractions.

This is a daily award. You do not have to be a paying guest to win. You must be on the grounds of the park to win.
Every Week

The take away part of the weekly prize package is a real diamond. This is a one carat stone. The diamond is a red, blue, or white diamond with engraved with Mickey. A part of the fun is that Mickey is hidden so you may need a loupe to find him. You get a certificate of authenticity for the diamond that gives you bragging rights forever.

The real prize is a special free three day vacation in the Disney Resort. The vacation package changes every week. The location of your stay changes every week. All of the hotels are the most upscale that the park provides.

Naturally, Mickey and Minnie personally present you with your diamond.

You become Disney’s special guest. Specially arranged prime seats for the most popular attractions in the park are yours. You dine at the most exclusive Disney restaurants and have guests that include all of your favorite Disney characters from the attraction you visited that day.

You do not have to be present to win the trip.

The Grand Prize

A special diamond encrusted set of Mickey Mouse ears is the grand prize. You get a shot at the ears every time you enter a daily or a weekly contest. Every part of the ears is covered in diamonds except the ears.

There is a very special presentation ceremony planned for the lucky winner of the ears and Disney will pay for getting you to the ceremony. The winner also gets to see all of the shows, visit all of the attractions, eat free, and stay free at any hotel they select. You meet every Disney character there is.

Entering the daily sweepstakes

You have to be in the park. The three main entrances will display a word of the day. These are the Resort entrance, the California Theme park gate, and the main Monorail station. The word of the day is also displayed in other parts of the park or you can ask any guide.

You need to be there early. The word of the day and a special text phone number will be displayed beginning at seven in the morning. Once you text the word of the day you have an hour to wait to see if you are a winner. You will receive a text that verifies you as a winner and gives you instructions about how to claim the prize. You must claim the prize on the day you entered. The sweeps works for tablets too.

Entering the weekly contest

If you are in the park you enter the weekly contest the same way as the daily contest. Disney has made it easy to enter the weekly contest because you enter the weekly contest every time you enter the daily contest if you are in the park. The idea is to visit often and get more chances to win.

You can enter the weekly contest at this site http://disneydiamonddays.com/. The site gives you the word of the day.

Weekly winners are contacted by phone or email.

You must enter the contest between 7:00 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. California (Pacific) time.

Other details

The text code spells castle. Disney wanted it to be easy.

You have to be a citizen of Canada or the United States to enter any of the sweepstakes.

Spelling counts. You have to spell the word of the day just like it is shown.

You can only enter one time per day.

What is it worth?

The value of the sweeps prizes is phenomenal.

The diamond ears are worth over $33,000.

The blue diamond, red diamond, and white diamond prizes are worth $25,000, $24,000, and $14,000.


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